Key Issues and Players in Global Financial Services Centres

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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3 Beyond the hoopla
4 ‘Misinformation from news sources on IFCs’: Bermuda Premier Cox
4 IRS move could damage US financial centres
4 Qatar plans for captive insurance sector
5 Jersey extends funds regime
5 New chair for Cayman Finance
5 Moral hazard issue placed at heart of UK’s future bank architecture
6 Latest round of OECD peer reviews largely positive
6 Conyers add new partners
6 Funds redomicilations to onshore centres slow
7 Singapore set to be made renminbi offshore trading hub
7 EU figures challenge US on FATCA
8 The checks and balances needed to ensure TMX/LSE merger is good for Toronto
JANET ECKER looks at some of the benefits of the proposed TMX/LSE merger and how it offers strong potential to strengthen and grow Toronto’s financial sector. Ecker notes however that there is a strong need for due diligence from regulators and government to ensure that Toronto’s interests are protected. She looks at some of the potential outcomes on jobs, reputation and market risk and how to mitigate these potential risks
10 Jersey: the key milestones in the fifty year history of an international financial centre
Jersey in 2011 celebrated its fifty year history as a modern international financial centre. GEOFF COOK looks back at how the Island became a leading international financial centre and what were the key events that facilitated the growth of its financial services industry
12 The JSE: a catalyst for African centres
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is looking to develop its regional presence in Africa as economic growth continues on the continent as country risk premia continue to fall and investment inflows grow writes KEITH BOYFIELD
14 'Moves & News' - FCI 500