Key Issues and Players in Global Financial Services Centres

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

About FCI

Financial Centres International (ISSN 2009-2717) - is a forum on developments in international financial services centres

See the online proceedings of some of the keynote sessions of the Financial Centres Summit, held in Dublin, Ireland, on October 16th 2019, which continues our coverage of the themes addressed in the site to include the major contempirary issues of Brexit and the modern regulation of securties markets, to include the new challenges being addressed by the US SEC, as set out at the 2019 Summit by Charman Jay Clayton at FCSDublin, 2919.

FCI An occasion publication, it grew out of Fintel's three conferences held in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on Global Financial Services Centres addressed by speakers, politicians and global regulators from over 40 different centres. They have included US Financial Crisis Commissioner, Peter J Wallison, United States SEC Commissioners Dan Gallagher (currently serving), and former Commissioner Paul Atkins; Jeffrey Owens leader of the OECD's campaign on 'tax havens', Former EU Financial Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, as well as a host of other leaders and speakers, details of which can be seen by clicking here.

FCI is published by Fintel Limited which also publishes Aviation Finance, a periodical on developments in global aircraft financing, Finance Dublin, and The Finance Dublin Yearbook of Ireland's International Financial Services Industry.