The 2009 Global Financial Services Centres Conference

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th May 2009


Press Coverage of the May 2009 (and June 2008) Global Financial Services Centres Conferences

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April 2nd: OECD publishes list of 40 Compliant Tax Centres, in conjunction with G20 Summit. A grey list of 30 "Tax Haven" centres is also published (so defined in the original OECD 2002 report on the matter) plus eight non "tax haven" centres listed as "not yet compliant" ( including 3 within the European Union). A black list of eight countries is also provided.

OECD to draw up list of tax havens, G20 conference agrees, as Sarkozy, Chinese disagree on tax havens. (OECD Tax Havens Chief to address Dublin Castle conference on May 19th).
The Financial Times

OECD Tax Havens Chief Jeffrey Owens comments on tax havens in G20 Summit report. (Owens will address Dublin Castle Global Financial centres conference on May 19th 2009).

Click the links below to see some of the press coverage for the 2008 Conference.

Brussels to crack down on rating agencies
The Financial Times

Credit ratings agencies face EU clampdown, says McCreevy
The Guardian

McCreevy to regulate credit rating agencies
The Irish Times

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