Wednesday, April 24, 2024

369 Priya Uberoi
Head of Islamic Derivatives - Clifford Chance

Priya Uberoi is the director of Islamic derivatives and structured products at Clifford Chance. Over the past twelve years, Uberoi has advised on a number of complex structured finance transactions mainly in Emerging Markets (Middle East, Russia, Kazakhstan and North Africa) that blend conventional debt and derivative instruments with local law particularities.

She focuses heavily in developing OTC derivatives technology in the world of Islamic Finance, e.g. converting conventional cash flows into Shari'a-compliant cash flows and using halal Islamic products (e.g. murabaha, wa'ad, salam and arbun) to generate similar economic profiles to conventional derivatives, but in a Shari'a-compliant manner.

Priya has advised a number of major banks on OTC Shari'a-compliant derivative transactions including cross-currency swaps, profit rate swaps, wa'ad based products under structured securities programmes, and has worked extensively in helping to develop the ISDA/IIFM Ta'hawatt Master Agreement.