Tuesday, May 21, 2024

200 Janet Ecker
President - Toronto Financial Services Alliance

Janet L. Ecker is President of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance and a former Ontario Cabinet member

As a former elected politician and Ontario Finance Minister (previously Education Minister) she was the first woman to introduce a budget in Canada's largest province (in 2002).

Having retired from active involvement in politics, Ecker is President of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA), a public-private partnership dedicated to increasing Toronto's role as a global financial hub and one of the pre-eminent financial centres in North America. First established by the City of Toronto in partnership with the financial industry, TFSA works on behalf of the entire financial cluster, including its business and educational support sectors.

Its partnerships include the federal and provincial governments, along with the City. The TFSA's value proposition focuses on 'Toronto's strong value proposition as a financial hub, the sector's growing international reputation for safety and stability during the recent global economic turmoil, the City's quality of life and its diverse, well-educated talent pool'. TFSA is also establishing the Centre of Excellence for Financial Services Education, to leverage the region's human capital advantages.