Thursday, April 18, 2024

456 Doris Leuthard
Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs - Swiss Confederation

Doris Leuthard is a Swiss politician and lawyer. She is a member of the Swiss Federal Council and head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (the Swiss economics minister). She was elected President of the Confederation for 2010.

As President of the Confederation, Leuthard presides over meetings of the Federal Council and carries out representative functions that would normally be handled by a head of state in other democracies (though in Switzerland, the Federal Council as a whole is regarded as the head of state). She is also the highest-ranking official in the Swiss order of precedence, and can act on behalf of the whole Council in emergency situations. However, in most cases, Leuthard is merely primus inter pares, with no power above and beyond her six colleagues.