Tuesday, May 21, 2024

115 Carlo Comporti
Secretary General - Committee of European Securities Regulators CESR

Carlo Comporti has been CESR's Secretary General at its Paris secretariat since January 2008. Prior to this, he was the Deputy to the Secretary General of CESR and Director for Markets and Intermediaries in the CESR Secretariat. He joined the CONSOB in 1994, firstly in the Intermediaries Enforcement Division and subsequently in the International Relations Office. He has been a member of expert groups in the field of securities regulation at the EU Council, Commission, OECD, and rapporteur of the FESCO Expert Group on Investor Protection and then the CESR MiFID Expert Group.

Comporti spent six months at the ECB working on a joint project with CESR in securities clearing and settlement, and one year at the European Commission as a national expert working on the revision of the Investment Services Directive. He graduated from the University of Siena with a Degree in Economics and Banking and holds a Doctorate in Banking and Securities Law. He is a visiting professor of Commercial Law at the University of Siena and he has published numerous publications in the fields of securities and company law.