Tuesday, May 21, 2024

87 Brady Dougan
Chief Executive Officer - Credit Suisse Group ADS

Now facing his predecessor from Credit Suisse, Oswald Grubel, as his key Swiss rival, the former CS America head has been relatively low profile during the credit crunch so far. Nevertheless, his footprint as a banker with a vast reach of financial centres is one of the greatest in the world. Credit Suisse was awarded the Euromoney blue riband title of 'best global bank' in 2010, for 'its successful execution of a new strategy, and high returns on a low risk model'. In Q1 2010 it registered a tier 1 ratio of 16.45, risk weighted assets lowest in its peer group at $218 billion, and a return on equity that was best of the global banks at 23.3%'. Dougan said in his acceptance speech 'firms that are willing and able to successfully change the way they do business have the best chance of thriving, and we think focussed capital efficient strategy positions us well for the challenges ahead'.