Monday, July 15, 2024

380 Avinash Persaud
Chairman - Intelligence Capital Limited

Avinash D. Persaud is Chairman of Intelligence Capital Ltd. He is also the non-Executive Chairman of the London-based Elara Capital, a leading investment bank. Professor Persaud is a Senior Fellow with the Caribbean Policy Research Institute and Head of its Barbados office.

Previously he was managing director and Global Head of Research at State Street Bank (1999–2003) and Global Head of Currency and Commodity Research at J.P. Morgan & Co.(1993–1999).

Prof Persaud is Co-Chair of the OECD Emerging Market Network. He was a Director of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (2002–2009) (GARP). In 2008 he was appointed member of a French Presidential Commission on the global credit crunch. He was the economic expert on the UK Government's Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information, (2005–2009).