The 2010 Global Financial Services Centres Conference

Tuesday 27thth and Wednesday 28thth April 2010


Speaker Biography


Alexander Schaub

Director General, Internal Market
EU Commission

Since September 2002 Alexander has been the Director General for the Internal Market at the European Commission in Brussels, serving Commissioner Frits Bolkestein. The Internal Market Directorate-General coordinates the Commission's policy on the European Single Market, and is responsible for developing a single market in several sectors including financial services. The division was tasked with implementing the Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), and is presently establishing a strategy for the next stage in the development of the single market. Alexander is currently in discussions with the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), of which William McDonough is head (see below), regarding the regulation of company auditing, which has come to the fore since the collapse of Enron and Parmalat. Both parties are looking for increased co-operation on the issue. From 1995 to 2002, as Director General for Competition, Alexander was Europe's 'competition guru', holding one of the most influential jobs in the Commission. Alexander served commissioners Karel van Miert and Mario Monti, and was involved in the controversial rejection by the Commission, of General Electric's plans to buy Honeywell International, after the deal gained easy approval from the U.S. Justice Department. He has participated in numerous economic summits and meetings of the European Council. He has published a book on the European Parliament and articles on competition, trade, economic and financial topics. He is married to Nicole van der Meulen, with two daughters and a son.

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